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...operating since 2006, the SAC according to Zenner Gas: works with any Smart Meter–it can be integrated with any management system. It supports proprietary protocols, CTR R131, DLMS/COSEM.


...It is the Zenner Gas WEB platform to manage “Smart Metering” devices and support the SERVICES offered by the gas distributor.

Data are displayed via Internet by directly accessing the TekGas platform or by directly integrating your own management system with the TekGas data collection interface.

Of course, the safety of the access to the TekGas portal, controlled via login and password, is guaranteed by all state-of-the-art anti-intrusion systems.

TekGas is supported by a technological infrastructure housed at a ISO 27000 certified Data Centre, which is based on a network of servers which is able to manage different means of communication and with a great management capacity.

The redundancy of the virtualized structure and the data backup on differentiated supports ensure a permanent 24-hour operation, 365 days a year.

TekGas, in a fully automatic and transparent manner, sends the data collected by the Smart devices to the customer's company, which will use them to optimise their logistics management and/or the interventions of on-call persons.

These are some of the countless advantages of the TekGas service: 

  • No application program at the customer’s offices.
  • Access to the portal and data from anywhere.
  • Technological evolution of the software and IT infrastructure guaranteed over time at zero cost.
  • Service guaranteed 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • Management capacity adapted to the needs.
  • System expandability guaranteed over time without investments and costs of management.
  • Data management and backup.
  • Export/integration of data in standard format, or another format defined by the customer, to any management/CRM application program (invoices, logistics, etc.).
  • Access to the portal controlled by login and password.
  • Possibility to restrict the access only to IP addresses of the customer’s corporate LAN (in the case of Internet connection with fixed IP).
  • Systemic activities for daily control.
  • SAC (Central Access System) activities needed for the first installation of Smart devices.
  • Monitoring and check-up of the correct operation of devices.
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