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...from today on, there is double safety: Remotely controlled, locally protected.


Zenner Gas made MINI LEVEL, a revolutionary product that CHANGES remote meter reading for LPG tanks.

Devices are AUTOINSTALLED, which makes activation and implementation simpler. Its excellent operation autonomy, remote parametrisation and the chance to change software remotely turn this into an extremely flexible and unique product that can be easily adapted to all the remote meter reading applications for LPG tanks.

Only two screws are needed to fasten a MINI LEVEL directly onto the mechanical level indicator included in any buried or above-ground tank. INSIDE a MINI LEVEL you will find the technology of our well-known SPA sensor to measure the level of a tank.

MINI LEVEL uses GSM/SMS/GPRS technologies. It can be installed without any distance constraints.

MINI LEVEL is managed by the innovative TEKGAS service that offers everyone an

advanced remote meter reading tool.

At the same time, it is easy to use, available anywhere and easily integrated with all

kinds of management systems.

The system is based on the use of WEB technology, thus guaranteeing a high level of

reliability, availability and information confidentiality.

The management software can be accessed via INTERNET by means of the TEKGAS app.



Applications LPG tanks: electronic shut-off valve system.

The entire system is intended to allow access to the GPL storage reservoir valve only to authorized personnel.

The electronic lock is screwed on the load valve. The lock is activated by a hardware and software system that allows local operations (tank) to be monitored and managed remotely via GPRS connection to a WEB platform.

Lock locking/unlocking operations are carried out using an electronic key and a mobile phone. The key can be activated and deactivated by remote system.

The system only works if the lock is correctly screwed on the valve of the tank, this is possible because the system receives the consent of the operation following the unique code identification of the tank placed on the loading valve and contained in the Tag NFC.

All operations are logged on the local database and on the remote system database according to the following information content:




 LEVEL is an innovative product designed mainly for remote reading of LPG storage in the industrial sector .

The devices are SELF-INSTALLING making the activation and commissioning activities simple.The large operating autonomy and remote parameterisation make it an extremely flexible product than can be adapted to all remote reading applications in the LPG storage sector.



DOUBLE-SCALE dial level indicator kit

Double-scale dial level indicator in glycerine bath, for vertical and horizontal tanks. 

It is made for all single-reading kits, but it is also perfectly compatible with tanks lacking remote meter reading although being totally new, ensures total measurement reliability thanks to the seamless integration of the most advanced electronics and the most consolidated mechanic tradition.

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