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...devices that can be configured according to parameters to be controlled.


It monitors the alarm for the system pressure, temperature and consumption if there is a meter equipped with a pulse emitter.

It intercepts the alarm of the double-level (minimum and maximum) pressure gauge and sends pressure and temperature data at the moment of the alarm.

Powered by a lithium battery. It controls one BF pulser, 1 pressure gauge, 1 temperature sensor, 2 Min-Max alarm NC inputs.

It can be supplied complete with pressure transducer, temperature sensor (with specific holder), pressure gauge with double alarm level (minimum and maximum) and pulser.

The device can be installed in a ZONE II because it is certified as: II 3G Ex nA nL IIB T2



PULSAR-40 is the new volume converter by Zenner Gas S.r.l. PULSAR-40 is designed for remote meter reading in residential and industrial environment. It uses GPRS/GSM/SMS technologies. ATEX-certified, it can be directly installed in a ZONE 1 hazardous area.

PULSAR-40 complies with UNI TS11291 and Italian Regulatory Order ARG/gas/155/08. It is compatible with any Central Access System (SAC) that uses the CTR protocol. PULSAR-40 can be also managed by the innovative TekGas service, Zenner Gas SAC, that offers everyone an advanced remote meter reading and remote management tool that, at the same time, is easy to use.

TekGas can be accessed via INTERNET.

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