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Zenner Gas S.r.l. offers innovative solutions in remote meter reading (AMR) and remote management (AMM) systems.

Mechanical wide-range gas meter

The feature that makes this meter unique is its ability to operate correctly in a wide range of flow rates and enables precise measurement from  Qmin 0,016 m3/h. This allows to replace the conventionale G1,6 - G2,5- G4 using only one meter: WG2,5S. The advantage is to measure the gas even at the flow rates where the other domestic can not do it.

These characteristics , combined with stable and constant performance over time, have been achieved thanks to the use of first choise materials and innovative patented solutions. The integrated calibration system coordinates the movement of the valve in relation to the optimum gas flow. The excellent linearity of the error curve is guaranteed even at low flow rates.

thanks to the use of high-grade materials the diaphragm gas meter is particularly resistant to corrosion therefore suitable for various gas media.

The Atmos diaphragm gas meter meets the requirements of the MID, EN1359 and OIML R137 1&2:2012.

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