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Zenner Gas S.r.l. offers innovative solutions in remote meter reading (AMR) and remote management (AMM) systems.

Blocker-04 G2,5 - G4 Regulatory Order 155 et seq


...It is the first SMART METER with the unique electronic counter made in Italy in compliance with the Regulatory Order ARG/gas 155/08 and covered by international PATENTS.

Just by means of a mobile phone, these devices get AUTOINSTALLED and all activities related to activation, implementation and registration to the SAC are similar to those associated to changing a conventional meter. Its excellent operation autonomy and remote parametrisation, combined with the safe reliability of validated and tested mechanics throughout decades of operation, turn this into an extremely flexible product that can be easily adapted to mass-market gas-metering applications.

BLOCKER-04, although being totally new, ensures total measurement reliability thanks to the seamless integration of the most advanced electronics and the most consolidated mechanic tradition.

BLOCKER-04 uses Point-to-point GSM/SMS technologies.

It can be installed anywhere, without distance constraints or network ‘tuning’ problems

because it uses the GSM universal standard and the CTR standard transmission

protocol as its communication ‘INFRASTRUCTURE’.

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